Sunday, September 25, 2011

Losing my blogging virginity.

I've decided to start keeping a blog. What's it for? I don't want this to be a journal, per se, but I do want it to keep track of various tidbits that I find particularly interesting, so that if there comes a time in my life where I have enough hours in the day to pursue something other than grad school, running, and feeding myself, I might come back here and start checking some of those things off the list. These things that I mention? Subjects, topics, hobbies, and endeavors that I haven't gotten a chance to investigate yet but if I had life to live over and over again, I'd take one of those lives and venture down that road. Most of the avenues that I'm interested in are right-brained sorts of stuff: design, fashion, art of any kind, culinary endeavors, you know. And every other random topic that might interest me that day. Maybe it'll interest others. So there.

This morning, I met Rob and Liz for a 20-miler at Antrim-the usual Sunday business. Went to Northstar afterward and had what has now become the usual liquid breakfast of smoothie, shooting star, and coffee. Came home and decided that the zucchini chocolate cake I made last night from this site was good enough to feed to others, so I made a second batch and baked them in cupcake form:

I was a tad skeptical about how good a cake could possibly be that contained almost no fat, but I was pleasantly surprised. I added this vegan chocolate ganache...because who doesn't like chocolate ganache? I meant to do work today. I really did. But there was cake to be made and a nap to be taken. Signing out, but first, I can't even tell you how much I love this apartment:

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