Monday, September 26, 2011

Spider Kitties and Canned Pumpkin Fever

I have pumpkin on the brain. Pumpkin bars, pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin rolls (or 'logs' as Jen likes to call them, but 'pumpkin logs' just makes me think of pumpkin turds), pumpkin scones, pumpkin ice cream...Jen texted me to inform me that Kroger has finally stocked canned pumpkin puree. I will be making every one of these recipes that requires pumpkin.

Ran from CRC Westerville tonight with the usual other 3 of the Fabulous Four; the group was a little thin today but conversation was good which was comprised mainly of food, mostly candy bars, and bathroom habits. I told everyone about my f*&#$ed up dream-no, nightmare I had last night. The point at which I started remembering the dream was realizing that I had this pet kitten, but something was a little odd about it. I spend a few minutes watching and examining it and realize that this mutant kitten has 8 pairs of legs, but each pair of legs are all but fused together, so the kitten looks like it essentially has 8 double-thick legs. Think Baby from Toy Story only furry and cute:

 Ok, so (in my dream) I'm sitting there observing this bizarre little thing start to move. Instead of moving like one would think-like a spider would, it moves its legs simultaneously like an octopus moves its tentacles when pulsing through the water. Skin-crawling weird. Then appears a mama spider kitty, who apparently was angry at her baby because she wraps her larger spider kitty legs around the almost handicap-like baby spider kitty and squeeze her legs in this vicious, pulsing motion...ew...ew... I don't even want to describe it anymore because whoever has taken enough time to read this far is going to start to wonder about my mental health. At this point, I wake up pulse racing and covered in sweat. 4:45am and my body thinks it's time to be awake. I asked C (the psychologist) on the run (jokingly) what it means. He laughed and merely said "that's screwed up." We all laughed. In agreement. I was telling Dave about it this afternoon, and the weirdest part is that after describing how the mommy went cannibal on her baby, he told me that that's how tarantula's really eat. I've never seen a tarantula consume one bite. Weird, right?

I'm currently sucking down a glass of cold Airborn and salivating over these raw nomnoms.
Ok, now I need to go think about bivariate smoothing. G'night!

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